Lona Kissinger

Lona Kissinger is a passionate recorder of events and places. Within each of her paintings lies a story to be told. Between Cape Cod and Florida, Lona captures moments in time with a flourish. She began painting with earnest about 18 years ago. However, she always had an interest in art and was able to paint and take classes after a career in nursing and health care administration and raising her family. Her primary medium is oil and pastels. The use of bright colors and strong sense of light is important to her paintings. Being primarily self-taught, her experience with excellent instructors such as Bill Farnsworth, Rosalie Nadeau and Don Demers have helped develop skills through their critique and encouragement. She usually paints almost daily. Herein Boca Grande, she shares a studio with 6 other artists, Las Pintoras, above the Loose Caboose. It’s a place to share ideas and paint with other artists on a regular basis. Although her primary subject is landscape, she enjoys still life, has done portraits and enjoys the satisfaction of completing commissioned works.

Each year she and her husband venture to parts unknown and Lona returns with enough reference material to document a sunny day in Tuscany or a perfect English garden. To record such events makes it possible to relive and share vignettes of life.

A percentage of her profits are donated to the Boca Grande Art Center, to which she is very proud of its contribution to the art here in our town.

She is available, if requested, to do commissioned work. Her email is Lona@jlkissinger.com

Cell is 941-979-2528, or contact the Boca Grande Art Center, 941-964-1700.