History of the BGAC

Celebrating the Boca Grande Art Center’s 35th Anniversary (1987-2022)

35th Anniversary 1987-2022

In the beginning, a meeting of 13 artists and 2 honorary members was held in the island home of Barbara Seitz.  The agenda was to look at the possibilities of creating an organization of professional artists.  With great encouragement from the community, we held the first official exhibit at the Johann Fust Library in April of 1987.  The artist’s work being displayed for the first time in one place- the heart and soul of our collective passion- it was a magical time.  We knew then it was time to make the vision of a professional art organization a reality. 

Barbara Seitz

The mission of the organization was reflected upon and the goal was to simply promote the arts through education and exhibitions.  This vision grew from the dedication of not only the artists but many hours of volunteer time from art enthusiasts here in Boca Grande. We became a fully incorporated organization, the Boca Grande Art Alliance. 

Since that time in the late 80’s, the Art Alliance became a successful and respected organization in the Boca Grande Community.  With the offering of many art workshops, a program of art instruction for the The Island School children and summer campers, and with the many art events we offer each season, the leaders in the organization reflected on that change.  We were much more than an Alliance of artists who gathered to share their creations.  We were a place that educated adults and children with more than 50 art classes a season.  We now hosted lectures and art bus tours in our program.  We also bring art to the community through the collaborations with other island organizations which highlight the art and our local artists. We became the center of arts on the island.  In a move to reflect that growth, a name change took place in 2013.  We are now the Boca Grande Art Center.   

Photo Gallery: The Early Years (1987-1996)

BGAA 1987-88 (First Year)

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