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Seaside Quilt by Sue ShafferSue Shaffer "Seaside Quilt"

Becoming an Artist Member

In order to become an Exhibiting Member of the Art Center you must meet certain criteria.  Please contact the office for further information.


The following artists are "Artist Members" of the Boca Grande Art Center:

 Linda Aley  
 Larry Anderson
 Jean Armour*  Tricia Mansfield
 Nancy Bass  Ginny McCloskey
 Randy Bell  Pam Miles

 Joyce Boucher

 John Mitchell, Sr.
 Jo Brookhart  Nora Lea Reefe
 Jane Carlson  Gina Riddiford
 Gail Cleveland  Diana Runyon
 Deborah Dawn Cooper  Margo Russell
 Nancy Galliher  Peggy Seybolt  
 Carol Hall  Sue Shaffer
 Pam Hannah*  Dianna Shandorf
 Dr. Wiliiam Heisel  Penny Sims
 Joyce Howe*  Melinda Thies
 Judy Ikenberry*  Richard Tolsdorf
 Esther Jensen  Barbara Vanyo
 Lona Kissinger  Bob Vorel*
   Candace Ward
   Linda Low Wolcott
   Toni Wolcott*
 *Sustaining- Exhibiting Member  

















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