Melinda Thies

Melinda Thies is a past exhibiting artist with Boca Grande Art Center who continues to paint what she loves! BGAC will miss her participation as an exhibitor!

“I was an anomaly in a very artistic family….the one member who seemed to possess no creative talent at all.  I did indeed appreciate this quality in those around me but never dreamed I would take up the brush in my dotage…

When I was about 60 years old, my daughter, a talented weaver, suggested that we adjourn to the front yard and sketch the front of the house.  I humored her and attempted with a pencil to doodle the mailbox.  It turned out quite well, even if I do say so myself and I was hooked.  After a year of pencil and paper, I moved into watercolor. Many classes with many teachers later, often flinging the results against the nearest wall, I finally feel as if I’ve gained some confidence.  Painting has brought to me many times over what I have brought to it.”

I have made wonderful friends and have had amazing trips to beautiful places….my subjects have ranged widely from boats to cafes to I think my favorite-flowers. How I paint is far more important to me than what I paint.

So I’ll keep plugging along, hopefully improving my skills and thoroughly enjoying myself.”