Rae Medgyesy

Rae Medgyesy is captivated by the beauty and old Florida charm of Boca
Grande and especially the Historic Railroad Depot which houses my studio.
The ever-changing landscape of Gasparilla Island offers new and fresh
perspectives which takes my art from monumental still lives to modern
realism.  Capturing the many changes of light from dusk to dawn inspires me
to capture that moment on the canvas.  My love for color and brightness;
experimentation with my pallet; expressing bold techniques are seen in each
of my pieces.

Rae says, “I like to paint my personality.  I love taking chances, being a
little edgy, and being open hearted. I am thrilled with the sight of a blank
canvas; I see it as an opportunity for my creativity to explode.  I take
these traits into the studio, and I hope you see it in my art.”

My degree in Speech and Theatre at Wagner College in New York allowed my
creative sole to shine.  Later I attended the Trinity Rep Conservatory in
Providence, Rhode. Outside of my education I participated in regional
theatre, summer stocks, started a design company, a catering company and
even hosted a television show.  I started painting relatively late in life.
As I entered my 50’s I took a turn to explore new outlets.
I continue to take classes and draw on the inspiration of some of my
favorite artists.  I am an exhibiting member of the Providence Art Club, and
I am delighted to be a member of the Boca Grande Art Alliance.

Keep it Sunny!