Larry Anderson

Larry Anderson grew up in western New York, in a small town called Randolph.  He dreamt of becoming an artist, winning many art contests along the way.  He went to college for art and then decided not to continue in that field, thinking it would be hard to make a living doing the artwork he loved.

Larry moved to Englewood, Florida, in 1985 and started in construction, always wishing to find his niche in the art world.

The dream of creating art started coming true for Larry in 1991 when an interior designer asked Larry to hand-paint furniture for her design studio in Boca Grande, Florida. That first project flourished into many other projects, from murals, faux finishes, sculptures, canvas art paintings, concrete countertops and floors, and many more artistic endeavors.  His style of art ranges from impressionistic to realistic, with ever-changing new ideas for future creations.  Mixing paint to color match existing color and then blending/fauxing that color in is another specialty of Larry’s.  This process over the years led him to create various art by mixing color and either throwing or pouring paint on a canvas to create the natural beauty of letting the paints fuse seamlessly together.

His background in construction and his natural gift for all expressions of art gives Larry unlimited abilities to create a one-of-a-kind work of art for all his clientele.

To check out his creations and keep up with Larry’s new endeavors, visit his website at